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and eliminate all the cell traffic so they know that's the case. >> you know janet napolitano said this was not part of a broader threat to the country. i find that a little bit hard to believe. i'm a little incredulous, to be honest about it, because it almost sounds like the case of major where they wouldn't acknowledge what the case was, said it was workplace violent, but to have this followed up by a senator getting ricin mailed to him and followed up by the president and perhaps other politicians, don't we have to assume, mark, they are all interrelated and interconnected at this point? >> well, i'm not sure if the letters are interconnected considering the source of the letters. but i think to have janet napolitano say that there is not a larger plot. the larger plot is to kill all americans so i would say that's a larger plot. the homegrown terrorism, we keep hearing this word being used. homegrown terrorism is actually a goal of al-qaeda. if you look at their magazine "inspire" they have had articles in there how to recruit americans that can freely go across borders and go
of this event. "studio b" win shepard starts right now. >> security secretary janet napolitano crossing over the wires in the lt minute or so a statement saying that this bombing is not believed to be part of any larger plot. again, from the homeland security secretary, the word we have been hoping to hear for the better part of 24 hours, there is no indication of any kind that this bombing is part of a larger plot of any kind. at the moment we're live near boylston street, a few blocks from the finish line. we're just more than the 2 hours during this program yesterday a terror attack stunned the city in celebration. sources are saying explosioned in the twin blasts were made from pressure cookers. experts say attackers previously used pressurer cookers for bomb in afghanistan in the foiled bombing in times square in 2010. a live look at massachusetts general hospital where we expect a news conference to begin moments from now with updates on the victims. a federal law enforcement source tells fox news that investigators have ruled out that saudi person of interest they were questioning and
the answers right now. >> greta: briefing from homeland security janet napolitano, did she say we're on to somebody? >> i've had briefings with law enforcement, as well. they don't have specific leads at this point. >> this is like a fran sick search and all we have is a bomb. >> i do think it's something is going to come out on this bomb and lead us to where it originated. the other issue we do have a lot of photos. >> greta: we have searched a saudi national. i know because he a saudi national there is a little profiling there. they tackled him and they thought she was suspect. he searched his apartment and he is not a good sign. that is not a good sign. >> that lead washed out. there are other leads. i will say that is why they are asking the public to come forward if they have any information about this. so just like you, i'm very concerned. as you see the people who were killed and injured and maimed and crippled, an eight-year-old boy. it cries out for justice. >> what is curious, secretary napolitano is saying it does not appear to be a coordinated plot. upon what does she
this as an act of terror and as if for an emphasis, we heard now within the last hour or so from janet napolitano and eric holder, the attorney general, both saying this is being treated as an act of terror. the white house wants to make it clear how seriously they take this. >> peter alexander, thanks so much. >> i want to bring in tom busey, president of usa sports media group. he ran the marathon and crossed the finish line moments before the first explosion. if you would, take us back to that scene. you've just finished. you're in this sort of post marathon haze and then what? >> sure. it was the best and the worst, right? an absolutely beautiful day gone tragic. crossing the finish line a couple minutes before the explosion was euphoric, followed by they are or four minutes later, the first of two bombs going off. we were walking around. those who just finished in a days. after 26.5 miles, you're kind of out of it. you're empty. the first bomb took us all a bit by surprise and i think everybody sort of looked around and thought to themselves, what has just happen here? maybe there was the po
. janet napolitano said this is not part of a broader blot. then the ricin issue emerged. we can't say that definitively at this hour, can we? >> well, we don't know what we don't know. and i don't think anybody in this investigation truly noise everything yet. i think they know what type of explosive, they know what type of device, they know what type of detonation device. they have a good indication that it is somebody that lives locally. the fbi releasing that they want citizens that heard any kind of explosion, no matter how small, to call in. and i think this is an indicator that they believed there was a homemade explosive content to the bomb and they were testing the formula and certainly it also means that somebody lives in the area at least prior to them planting the bombs. >> what do you make of, how important will the remains that we showed the pictures of earlier of this crock pat or pressure cooker bomb that was made and the remains of that, how important is that going to be to the investigation? and what do you know about these pressure cooker bombs? >> well, i don't know
, on the investigative side, i know that janet napolitano testified this morning and play a little bit of her caution to everyone. >> the investigation is proceeding apace and it just, you know, this is not an ncis episode. sometimes you have to take time to properly you know, put the chain together to identify the perpetrators. >> and pete said something that you as an experienced justice and homeland security correspondent know all too well. the pieces are being put together. tell us where we stand today. >> they're moving on several tracks, andrea. the photo track may be among the most promising. the government believes it has identified two people it wants to find, identify, find and interview. that have been seen acting suspiciously, carrying backpacks, duffle bags that are heavy. they think the bomb weighed 20 pounds, so they're interested in talking to them. they may or may not show us pictures of that. there was some back and forth on this the last 24 hours, about the advantages and disadvantages and we were thinking we might hear about it this afternoon. we may not. that is still in flux. as
. >> remember how the right-wing reacted to janet napolitano talking about an act of terror. they just flew off of the handle. >> stephanie: yeah. sue in rickville, hi, sue. >> caller: good morning on this very sad day. two things, a message to billy, the preamble of the constitution, we the people of the united states? order to form a more perfect union, we are 300 million plus. we are striving to make our union more perfect. i would argue, billy, that it is more patriotic to effect change that helps the greater good of this country. >> stephanie: that's right. and you know as the official parenting specialist of the "stephanie miller show." as any parent knows sometimes loving someone means saying you are -- >> disappointed! >> caller: exactly. and uncertainty makes people very anxious. and anyone does anything they are can to get rid of that anxiety, so it becomes easy to find someone to blame and say it is this or that group to fits your narrative or be as moronic as bill o'reilly and have to criticize a word because they can't deal with their anxiety, and i under
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)